Course Programs

A1: Can meet their basic needs by making use of very simple sentences known to everyone in Daily life. Can introduce yourself or someone else. If the other person helps they and speaks clearly and slowly, can communicate.


A2: Can communicate by using simple sentences and terms related to close environment and issues. Can understand the most common words and single sentences.


B1: Can participate without preparation in conversations about familiar topics. Can talk in simple, coherent sentences and explain plans. Can make simple but interrelated sentences. Can understand the main idea of the texts in which the language is used clearly and precisely.


B2: Can understand the main idea of complex texts. Can write clear and detailed texts about a variety of topics. Can know the terms related to field of study. Can give clear and detailed information about a subject.


C1: Can express himself fluently and spontaneously in conversation. Can produce detailed summaries. Can effectively and flexibly use the language in social context. Can express herself/himself fluently and quickly without searching for many words.

Level Days Weekly Hours Total Hours Total Course Duration
A1 4 Days a week 20 140 Hours 7 Weeks
A2 4 Days a week 20 140 Hours 7 Weeks
B1 4 Days a week 20 80 Hours 4 Weeks
B2 4 Days a week 20 80 Hours 4 Weeks
C1 4 Days a week 20 80 Hours 4 Weeks
Placement Tests & Final Level Tests
Course Completion Exams
Ability The Highest Point The Lowest Point
Listening 25 15
Reading 25 15
Dialogue 15 10
Verbal Lecture 10 15
Written Expression 25 15
Total 100 70

Turkish Placement Exam

Our placement exam is aimed at measuring four basic language skills.The Placement exam tuition fee is 100$.

Documents Required for the Exam:Photocopy of the passaport and A receipt showing that the exam fee has been paid.

Exam result documents can be received on the next business day after the exam.

Ability The Highest Point
Listening 25
Reading 25
Verbal Lecture 25
Writing Expression 25
Total 100
Point Distribution According To The Grades
Grade  Point
A1 20-49
A2 50-59
B1 60-69
B2 70-79
C1 80-89
C2 90-100